Someone’s out to get them…

Overworked, overstressed, and involved in way too many murder cases in the past few months, Maggie Hopps is in dire need of a break. Her companion Jack arranges a surprise gift seminar vacation outside town. It seems like the perfect plan to relax. 

Alas, once they get there, they can sense a certain tension in the atmosphere. Can they get their much-deserved break, or will they run into another set of trouble? 

With the already cautious Maggie out of her comfort zone, the recipe will spell disaster when one of the participants is found dead.

With a whole new cast comes a whole new set of rules, and soon Maggie and Jack will find themselves trapped in the countryside chalet, trying to figure out who and why they have it in for them. Can Maggie’s presence attract the murderer?

In this fascinating new entry in the Maggie Hopps Cozy mysteries, our favourite sleuth will have to fight for survival!

Buy “Fuller’s Settle Murder” and unlock the exciting story of Maggie Hopps today!

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