A Fine Art Birthday Bash is about to turn messy when the guests show up dead!

Recently restored from the chaos the opening of her shop brought, Ginger Burnet is invited by one of her former art teachers, who has now become quite the renowned artist, to handle the catering for her very prestigious birthday bash in a private coastal island just outside Little Chiswick, involving some big players from the fine art world. With exclusive pieces to be sold, this luxurious event is destined to be a great challenge and opportunity for Ginger and her business.

When she gets there, excitement is palpable in the air. Ginger has never attended such a grand occasion, let alone provide food service for so many VIPs. 

Can this be the break she needs so desperately?

In the midst of all the extravagant food preparations, one of the guests is found dead. The rest of the guests find themselves in turmoil, as the island is cut off from any communications with the outside world…and one of them is the killer.

Putting on her sleuth hat on, with her experience coming to play, Ginger starts a race against the clock to find who the real murderer is and what they want.

Can she find the culprit and save the guests, or will her time run out?

Find out in this explosive one-off event in the Ginger Burnet series of enthralling cozy mysteries!

Also available with Kindle Unlimited!

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